Wolfert's Roost is the restaurant that none of us planned on opening but at the same time is the restaurant we have been dreaming and planning about for years.  Here is our story -


Eric and Will are two of four brothers who grew up together outside of Hartford Connecticut.  While they didn't cook at home, food was central to their lives - Dinner every night was shared around the table as a family, there was always a pot of sauce on the stove made from tomatoes grown in the garden and family holidays were wild feasts with more food than anyone could imagine.  

Jennie grew up on the Upper West Side.  For years she dominated on the basketball court - but deep down always knew she would be a chef.  She cooked from the start and never looked back.

Jorge is from Mexico City.  He came to the United States and taught himself to cook while working in restaurants, everyday bringing his family and culture with him to the kitchen, melding his traditional Mexican cooking with the food he was cooking in New York

it starts

Chasing their dreams, Eric and Jennie enrolled at The French Culinary Institute where they met and became fast friends.  They cooked together, hung out together and competed everyday pushing each other to get better.  After graduating together at the top of their class, Jennie went on to work her way up in great kitchens in the City and Eric started working for a high end caterer in Greenwich.

Putting in Their Time

Jennie put her head down and took on New York City.  Working as a line cook at Ouest, Jennie met Jorge where they immediately hit it off.  Always moving together, they worked in some great kitchens learning and moving up. 

Eric opened Good-Life Gourmet as a small catering company and brought along his then 17 year old brother Will to start helping out.  They learned together and as Good-Life grew, so did their team.  Will grew from a teenager with a broom into a talented young cook.

Throughout these years Eric and Jennie stayed in touch...always saying one day they would work together - just not yet

time for a change

Eric and Will built Good-Life Gourmet into an award winning catering company.  Jennie was the Chef de Cuisine at Zengo before she was 30 with Jorge working along side of her.  They were successful and yet all looking for something new.

Jennie took a sabbatical to travel through Europe as Eric was getting the itch to open a restaurant. When 100 Main St in Irvington opened up, Eric new the space from one of his Pop Up Restaurants.  It was time to open a restaurant and Eric immediately called his old friend Jennie.

the roost is born

Back from her trip, Jennie and Eric spent an afternoon on the back porch talking about a potential restaurant.  It quickly became obvious that they were on the same page - a casual, food driven restaurant was what they both had in mind.  A menu, something that can take months to develop, was finished in a few hours.   Food they wanted to eat and loved to cook was the one rule and they quickly found that while they hadn't cooked together in years, their tastes and style were almost identical.

Will was brought into the mix.  Calls were made to Jorge who quickly jumped on board...it was time to open a restaurant and the team was assembled.

Wolfert's Roost

Wolfert's Roost is a little bit of each Jennie, Will, Jorge and Eric.  It is more than a restaurant, it is the culmination of many dreams that were put in motion by the four chefs years ago.  

Eric, Jennie, Will and Jorge are proud of what they have built and excited to cook the food that they love for you.